Debt collection

Debt Recovery Services

You could waste your time by hiring a collection agency that would go through the usual procedures of sending letters and making phone calls to debtors, probably without much success. Or you could go one step further and get paid faster by hiring an experienced collection lawyer who will not only send letters and make phone calls, but who also has the power to use the system of the court! This is what we do. Collections and Contract Specialists are who we are.
Gebreilco. believes in establishing long term relationships with our clients. We work closely with our Court Officers to maximize your recovery!
Our philosophy is simple, we are a reflection of you. We treat people with respect and dignity We specialise in the following types of debt recovery Commercial Debt – from your average tradesman’s account to finance debt. Consumer Debt – disputes tribunal enforcement, tenancy tribunal enforcement, personal loans etc.

Collection Process

First; the bank should send us a monthly list of the delinquent bank consumers and it is not required to contain different consumers each month, but it should be noted that the consumers who recovered their debts shall be removed from the monthly list and replaced by other new delinquent customers.
- The distribution of cases to our collector's in accordance with the certain scheme of work operated by the office – that is divided into Cairo and other different cities.
-The collection process begins by doing visits to the debtors at convenient times and places
-The firms delegate must visit the delinquent borrowers at least four times a day and hand him an initial warning letter issued from the firm encouraging him to repay his debt If the payment remains outstanding and the customer has missed the next agreed payment date the delegate will visit him for the second time aside the repetitive phone calls reminder.
-If debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt after a month we make final pre-legal collection attempts.
-We send our update and recommendations to the Client (bank), including details on forwarding claim to affiliated attorneys.
-The Client authorizes forwarding the claim and provides us with indebted bonds, however, we continue the processes of collecting the debt by following up and compelling the debtor to pay.
-Each delegate assigned to an amount of collection his commission is calculated according to the amount of achievement towards his target , the commission may increase by the increment of the collection he achieved in order to simulate the delegate to attain the largest possible amount of collection . All claims are handled in accordance with the banks policy and instructions without any transgression with the debtors.
-If after all standard collections procedures have failed, the firm shall turn the debt over to our debt collection attorney. It then becomes the firms' job to file a civil/criminal lawsuit seeking to recover the debt and all costs in a court of law so that you get your money until full implementation in accordance with the fees agreed upon the contract with the bank.
- All employees are obliged to sign the regulations that are set by the firm which outlines their conducts towards other employees in the bank and the banks' customers and the conduct they shall retain throughout the process of collecting the debt.
- Each bank has its own team in a component of a sufficient number of agents collection office adequate with the number of cases transferred from the bank to the office headed by the head of the group (Supervisor) and with a number (assistants Team Leader)
-The team is provided with an advanced technological system that includes the ability to search by a person's national id, social insurance number easy call in addition to the firms' large data base that comprises an enormous number of Customers that are registered in our different departments data base (investigation , debt collection. Legal affairs) which allow the firm to know the customers status at other banks and all the updated information about them.
-Our motivation is to get your money back in your hands, where it belongs


The result related commission is on the basis of NO CURE NO PAY
- The operation of the debt collection requires fees 10 % of the estimated value of the debt that is actually collected, the fees includes all the collection process expenses and send a monthly bill to the bank.