Credit Control Service

Credit Checks – when a company or individual is applying credit it is always a good idea to run a credit check on them. Not only to ensure they have the means to pay the debt but to see how they have treated their creditors in the past.
Tracing – when a client is applying for credit it is always important to verify the information that you are being provided is true and correct. In the event of your account being passed to us for collection it may require some tracing to identify where the debtor is currently located
-Gebreilco. firms offers credit contol service to the banks costumers that includes retail bank products such as personal loans, car loans and credit cards.
-The credit control service is preformed according to an data form the bank determines its content, the enquiry agent is required to visit costumers (domicile, work) place until the information is fulfilled to help the bank in the decision making process whether it's a legal entity or an individual , the firm takes full legal responsibility pertaining to the validity of the data given . The priority aim to the enquiry agent is to accomplish his job without harassing, oppressing, or abusing the consumer or any third parties they contact.
-The firm is the only firm in Egypt that holds that enormous amount of data base due to the customers that are registered in our different department's data base (inquiry, debt collection. Legal affairs
. - Data is reviewed and the data is entered into our credit control operation program.
- Areas of coverage: we cover all of Egypt.

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